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Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fudge


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Made with crunchy peanut butter, heavy cream and dark chocolate, our Peanut Butter and Chocolate fudge is a crowd-pleaser. Sweet, salty and very smooth, this fudge will melt in your mouth. The bottom layer has a dark chocolate cocoa flavor and the top layer is packed with peanut buttery goodness.

One order comes with 4 squares of fudge which is approximately 12 oz.

Ingredients: sugar, heavy cream, butter, corn syrup, cocoa, unsweetened chocolate, peanut butter, salt, vanilla
Shipping Note: We do not include any extra packaging to keep the fudge cool. If the weather in your area is warm, the fudge may be melted or soft when you receive it. Please keep that in mind when ordering.

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